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I honestly can love and open my arms to anything with a pure heart like animals, I’d rather spend most of time fighting against animal cruelty then fighting time to spend with friends that are always questioning loyalty and barely honest. At the same time, focused on people’s size, their hair, their face, and the way they act and what they’ve been doing. 

I’ve been burned so many times by friends who I thought were the closest,  and never really appreciated one for anything. In my point of view, its not that hard to be a friend. It was never hard for me to open up or go a certain distance for them, it was just hard to have someone to trust me with theirs like I trust them with mine. 

Trusssst Isssssues. 

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tapped the breaks

Vine by Lauren Lavoie


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It’s funny how the world works.

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sometimes it’s exhaustion turns into frustration and then my frustrations just turn into tears.

But ima be ok, cause I know it’s not as hard as what others and animals have to go through.

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Hey I think it’s the real life mother willow from Pocahontas! 😄🎉

Hey I think it’s the real life mother willow from Pocahontas! 😄🎉

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"Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul."
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