Chasing our dreams

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You haven’t lived life, if you haven’t smoked some weed and done some drugs. Just saying. 

— 2 hours ago with 1 note

Sometimes I wonder how am I going to finish all my school work if I’m the only person my family can come to to run all these errands and fix their problems. T___T, Just let me finished the rest of the year in peace. 

I just want things to slow down, and people to stop telling us how to live our life. Like isn’t your life messed up too? For instance, you just can’t say be this and we will shit out rainbows and suddenly be that. Second, no one has ever helped us plan how our life would be, so just like everyone else we are trying to figure it out on our own. You can’t just come in and expect to do us some good when you never been there for us in the start. 

— 10 hours ago

I wish I can fall asleep and not think for a little bit. Today I’m just tired.. Trying to finish up. It’s hard to find motivation when you’re just tired. It’s not even the matter of whether it is hard to do or not. Just exhausted.

Plus James snores really really loud tonight.

— 6 days ago

Being young and torn between going to work or going to what’s suppose to be fun? Is this real feelings?

— 6 days ago

When I see useless people I really want to barf. Like you do nothing with your time, you must be that fucking fortunate.

— 1 week ago