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I try to be the best being I can be, I try to follow my heart and give 100% out of it. But my mom, has the best way of breaking me into pieces and making me feel like I’ll never be good enough with whatever I do. She reminds me that I need to be fortunate for her, and I am fortunate for her. I do whatever it takes to make sure I can make her life better, saving up my hard earn money for her to use incase of anything. I try to be selfless and not ask for too much or anything. I try to remind others they need to be grateful of their parents, because you won’t have them much longer. 

She use to tell me she needed to love my sister more because she had a difficult birth, so I said I understood what it meant when I came last. I understood when sometimes I was just felt left out. I just don’t understand why I need to be going through this. Like why does it have to be so hard, or why does she need to make me feel like a burden.. especially when I’m sick or sad or when I made a mistake or when I’m tired. 

— 2 days ago

I have a lot of goals, and if I can’t do it with you, then I gotta do it without you until you do. 

— 2 weeks ago

For once, I’m not blinded by my own heart to love and to care. I actually have clarity, and know that this time I want to do something for my damn self. It took long enough to figure it, but I really feel that there was a lot of little events that changed me to make me want it for myself. This time, I’m prepared for it all. I want to say I live each day making myself proud and working on a better version of myself. I don’t care that theres mistakes but thats what makes me who I am and human. So you better take all your mistakes and embrace them. 

— 2 weeks ago

If we can’t make decisions together then I don’t know.

— 2 weeks ago

Stay inspired kids.

— 2 weeks ago

I’m just wondering, how can I be a better me?

— 2 weeks ago
It’s 4 in the morning

I shouldn’t of fell asleep so early, but I did. By the time James went to sleep, I couldn’t sleep anymore.

I just want a change, and when I’m done with school this upcoming semester, I’ll be able to figure out things!

— 1 month ago

I honestly can love and open my arms to anything with a pure heart like animals, I’d rather spend most of time fighting against animal cruelty then fighting time to spend with friends that are always questioning loyalty and barely honest. At the same time, focused on people’s size, their hair, their face, and the way they act and what they’ve been doing. 

I’ve been burned so many times by friends who I thought were the closest,  and never really appreciated one for anything. In my point of view, its not that hard to be a friend. It was never hard for me to open up or go a certain distance for them, it was just hard to have someone to trust me with theirs like I trust them with mine. 

Trusssst Isssssues. 

— 1 month ago



tapped the breaks

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